About us

Biogass Oslofjord is a collaborative network between the counties of VestfoldTelemark and Viken as well as Oslo-municipality, located in Norway it was founded in 2018. Wework on promoting investment, infrastructure development,and expande the adoption of biogas in region.

Our goals are:

Establish a collaboration for innovation and learning
Skills development and development of major projects
Contribute to a holistic approach to establishing infrastructure for the production and use of biogas in the region
Obtain regional and local treatment of bio-resources
Contribute to commercialization of and a small demand for biogas and bio fertilizers, and other by-products from biogas production
Help to use local value creation and employment
Contribute to strengthening the political focus on biogas and bio fertilizers, both at local, regional and national level
Contribute to evidence of biogas that is most important in bioeconomic and circular economics

plans on becoming a «zero-emission» nation by 2050and we believe that biogas is one of the best methods forreaching those goal in tandem with other types of renewable energies. Biogas has the advantage of not only using already existing waste for its production, but also reducing emission by taking advantage the natural pathway of CO2, thus biogas does not contribute to global warming.

The role of the network

Creating arenas for political discussion to strengthen the implementation of biogas
Mobilize resources for action through applications for grant programs state and international
Lead and participate in various biogas projects and initiatives in the region
Drive knowledge building and competence mediation internally in the network

As of the writing of this text, Norway’s biogas potential has not been reached. There are still many potential biomass sources than can be used for biogas production in Norway thathas not been taken advantage of being instead treated as waste. We are currently working actively towards the employment of biogas in the construction and transport sector, as well as research and development.

Biogass Oslofjord have both worked and contributed toseveral different projects through its existence. We produce annual reports about biogas in Norway, which are only published in Norwegian. These includes studies in different biomass sources, as well as potential new markets for biogas.